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Everyone Can Hear Your Babys'       
Heartbeat with our new 
           Heartbeat Bear!
    Record your unborn babys' heartbeat.
      A precious keepsake to last a lifetime!
 Reserve your bear when you schedule your Ultrasound appointment.
8" Bear $19.00     15" Bear $28.00

        Sorry temporarily out of stock

  We Now Offer B
alloons In A Box!

     We Do Your Gender Ultrasound                    and you leave with a box full of                      either Pink or Blue Balloons for your            gender reveal party! Just $24.99!
We require 24 hour notice for balloons in box



             BABY BOY?                   
             BABY GIRL?                   

99% accuracy - come see us!


                 New Arrivals 


                          Astro Baby
Sneak a peek
into your baby's
(click on the image) 




            Chair Rental

          Rent chairs for your next party!

                  Folding White Chairs $1.70 ea.


   What People Are Saying About Us

We went to visit nestled newborn when I was exactly 14 weeks. The sonographer was so nice and assured us that we were having a girl. We left still a little unsure because quite frankly we couldn't see what she saw. We were inexperienced with sonograms.  At my 22 week appt, it was confirmed that we were having a girl. On Jan 11, 2014, we gave birth to our beautiful Roxanna (Roxie)! Thank you guys so much and we are def recommending you to our friends and family.

Drew, Hope, and Roxie

 We had an early ultrasound at 16 weeks to find out the gender of our baby. We were so impressed at the detail you could see so early on! You were so nice to us  in during the ultrasound and it was such a great experience! We found out that day we are having a 3rd girl! :) My sister is now pregnant and is planning to come to ATL (she leaves in Tallahasee, FL) just to have her early ultrasound with you guys. I have told her nothing but great things, so that's where she wants to see her little bean for the first time! Thank you again for such a great bonding experience with our little one!

Brandy Bell Arrington


We were so pleased with the service Nestled Newborn provided us. Our sonographer spent quality time with us showing us our little one. We were both so excited to hear "its a BOY!" I would definitely recommend this facility to any expectant mothers.

  Ken and Tayler 

My experience at Nestled Newborn yesterday was AMAZING!!! Thank you Wendy for such an amazing experience and such great news!! We look forward to future visits!
Rachel Lindsey   



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